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Nick Gardner
October 6, 2022 | Newsletter | Nick Gardner

October Newsletter

October at Liberty!

In this Issue:
  • Harvest Update
  • Wine Tasting/Tour
  • Nov Shipment, Pickup Party
  • History Spotlight: Jefferson
Harvest 2022

Harvest Is ... Almost Done

Harvest came fast and furious ... and three weeks earlier than ever for us!  The 15-day heat wave - all days over 100°, most over 105° - accelerated ripening.  Only the Cabernet Sauvignon remains, with its harvest expected in the next 7-10 days.  Yields are down substantially throughout the Paso Robles AVA (30-50+%) .  

Sauvignon Blanc:
8/19/22, 4am start
1.9 tons, hand harvest
Sauvignon blanc harvest 2022
Petite Sirah
9/6/22, 12am start
0.9 tons, hand harvest
Petite sirah
9/8/22, 12am start
1.8 tons, hand harvest
9/12/22, 7pm start
6.5 tons, machine harvest (for buyer)
Syrah machine harvest
Harvest 2022

You're invited!  Tastings and vineyard tours available select Saturdays, by appointment only.  Learn more/book.

We now ship to:  CA, CO, DC, FL, MA, MO, MN, PA, TX, and VA!  Let us know if your state not listed.


Our next club shipment will be in November around Veteran's Day (Nov 11th).  This release will include wines from the 2015 and 2016 vintages. 

SAVE THE DATE:  Pickup party is scheduled for Saturday November 12th from 3:00-6:00pm.  RSVP by November 2nd please.

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Thomas Jefferson portrait  

Born: 4/13/1743
Died: 7/4/1826
Virginia  |  William and Mary  |  "The Sage of Monticello"
Lawyer, Politician, Inventor, Planter, Architect
2016 Declaration blend

  • Principal author of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Third President, second Vice President, first Secretary of State, second Governor of Virginia, founder of University of Virginia.
  • Designed and built Monticello.
  • Died - to the day - on the 50th anniversary of Independence (coincidentally, John Adams died same day).

This month in AWI history...

10/01/1730  Richard Stockton is born, signer of Declaration of Independence.
10/02/1735  Francis Hopkinson is born, signer of Declaration of Independence.
10/07/1728  Caesar Rodney is born, signer of Declaration of Independence.
10/14/1734  Francis Lightfoot is born, signer of Declaration of Independence.
10/30/1795  John Adams is born, future President and signer of the Declaration.
10/31/1740  William Paca is born, signer of Declaration of Independence.

10/04/1777 Battle of Germantown (PA)
10/17/1777 Battles of Saratoga (NY)
​10/07/1780 Battle of Kings Mountain (SC)
10/19/1781 British Surrender at Yorktown (VA)

Jefferson, by John B Boles 

Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty
John B. Boles, Basic Books, 2017.

"...In Jefferson, Boles plumbs every facet of Thomas Jefferson's life, all while situating him amid the sweeping upheaval of his times. We meet Jefferson the politician and political thinker — as well as Jefferson the architect, scientist, bibliophile, paleontologist, musician, and gourmet. We witness him drafting of the Declaration of Independence, negotiating the Louisiana Purchase, and inventing a politics that emphasized the states over the federal government — a political philosophy that shapes our national life to this day.  Boles offers new insight into Jefferson's actions and thinking on race. His Jefferson is not a hypocrite, but a tragic figure — a man who could not hold simultaneously to his views on abolition, democracy, and patriarchal responsibility. Yet despite his flaws, Jefferson's ideas would outlive him and make him into nothing less than the architect of American liberty."    -- BarnesAndNoble.com

John Boles is the William P. Hobby Professor Emeritus of History at Rice University and the former editor of the Journal of Southern History.

Thank you very much for your continued interest and patronage - Cheers!!

- Nick and the Liberty Team

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We now ship to:  CA, CO, DC, FL, MA, MO, MN, PA, TX, and VA!


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