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The brand - Liberty Cellars - is an expression of my lifelong interest in American History.  I create new labels each year to celebrate famous and lesser-known individuals, events, and icons of the Revolutionary War (the fun is in the research!  reading biographies, drawing the illustrations, visiting historical sites).

There is a method to the labels :-)

Liberty Label-ology
Cabernet Sauvignon Our flagship varietal venerates the people of action, the Generals and leaders in battle.  Recurring: G.W. every five years.
Declaration blend Honors the intellectuals who propelled the Revolution through their writings and voices.  Recurring: Franklin, Jefferson, Samuel Adams every five years; Paine, Henry every ten.
Zinfandel The owner’s pet project - the Zinyard - celebrates the major American battlefield victories.  The western block of the Zinyard is planted in the shape of the Betsy Ross flag.
Other single varietal reds Toasts the less-heralded, the unsung, the engrossing new discoveries found when exploring history.
Sauvignon Blanc Features the icons of Liberty and America.  e.g. The Liberty Bell
Late Harvest Highlights the Bill of Rights - the culmination of the Revolution - akin to a bold, sweet final course to be savored!

We welcome suggestions for label figures, especially lesser-known and under-appreciated persons, groups, and events from the American Revolution - please share with us!