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Our Wines

We make wines we like to drink - bold premium wines exemplary of this area. Connected to the land where they're grown, influenced year to year and made individual by Mother Nature.  Small batch fermentations, careful but minimalist winemaking, extended aging in barrel and bottle.  Sold exclusively via our website and in person.

There is a method to the labels:
Liberty Label-ology
Cabernet Sauvignon Our flagship varietal venerates the people of action, the Generals and leaders in battle.  Recurring: G.W. every five years.
Declaration blend Honors the intellectuals who propelled the Revolution through their writings and voices.  Recurring: Franklin, Jefferson, Samuel Adams every five years; Paine, Henry every ten.
Zinfandel The owner’s pet project - the Zinyard - celebrates the major American battlefield victories.
Other single varietal reds Toasts the less-heralded, the unsung, the engrossing new discoveries found when exploring history.
Sauvignon Blanc Features the icons of Liberty and America.
Late Harvest Highlights the Bill of Rights - the culmination of the Revolution - akin to a bold, sweet final course to be savored!

We welcome suggestions for label figures, especially lesser-known and under-appreciated persons, groups, and events from the Revolution - please share with us!