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Nick Gardner
December 10, 2022 | Newsletter | Nick Gardner

December Newsletter

Happy Holidays from Liberty!

In this Issue:
  • Holiday Shipment Deadline
  • February Club Shipment
  • History Spotlight: Washington Crossing the Delaware

Liberty for the Holidays

We'd be honored to be a part of your holiday+New Years celebrations and gift giving!  

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Washington Crossing the Delaware

Date: 12/25/1776
Objective: Before Continental soldier enlistments expire at end of year, cross the icy Delaware River on Christmas night for a surprise morning attack on Hessian soldiers at Trenton, NJ. (and do it again a few nights later for another victory at Princeton!)
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon - George Washington
2018 Declaration - Thomas Paine
2019 Petite Sirah - John Glover

Washington's Crossing, by David Hackett Fischer 

Washington's Crossing
David Hackett Fischer, Oxford University Press, 2006.

"Six months after the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution was all but lost. A powerful British force had routed the Americans at New York, occupied three colonies, and advanced within sight of Philadelphia.
Yet, as David Hackett Fischer recounts in this riveting history, George Washington—and many other Americans—refused to let the Revolution die. On Christmas night, as a howling nor'easter struck the Delaware Valley, he led his men across the river and attacked the exhausted Hessian garrison at Trenton, killing or capturing nearly a thousand men. A second battle of Trenton followed within days. The Americans held off a counterattack by Lord Cornwallis's best troops, then were almost trapped by the British force. Under cover of night, Washington's men stole behind the enemy and struck them again, defeating a brigade at Princeton. The British were badly shaken. In twelve weeks of winter fighting, their army suffered severe damage, their hold on New Jersey was broken, and their strategy was ruined.
... While British and German forces remained rigid and hierarchical, Americans evolved an open and flexible system that was fundamental to their success. The startling success of Washington and his compatriots not only saved the faltering American Revolution, but helped to give it new meaning."   
 -- BarnesAndNoble.com

Best wishes for the Holidays and 2023!!

- Nick and the Liberty Team

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We now ship to:  CA, CO, DC, FL, MA, MO, MN, PA, TX, and VA!


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