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Our Vineyard

Liberty Vineyard is set on a 38-acre ranch in the rolling hills just east of Paso Robles.  Our CSWA Certified Sustainable vineyard consists of 20+ acres planted on south-facing hillsides at elevations ranging from 906' to 1102' (almost a 'purple mountain majesty'!).  The altitude and slope offer optimal sun exposure, frost protection, and preferred vine stress. The soils are a favorable mix of loam with veins of broken calcareous shale and tumbled river stone. We continue to enhance the vineyard each year with projects such as more sustainable techniques, regenerative farming, and scheduled replantings.  Ask us what's new!
The Paso Robles AVA features excellent winegrowing conditions: High amplitude diurnal temperature swings (i.e. hot days, cool nights!) enabled by the Templeton Gap, world-class terroir, a long growing season, and more.
Varietal Acres Year Planted Clone Rootstock Spacing Trellis
Cabernet Sauvignon 9.0 2000 7, 8 1103P 6x9 VSP
Syrah 2.7 2000 10 1103P 6x9 VSP
Petite Sirah 0.5 2014 Durif 03 1103P 6x9 VSP
Sauvignon Blanc 2.2 2019-21 Wente 01 1103P 6x9 VSP
Zinfandel 2.0 2019 04 (Heritage 12) 1103P 12x12 Head Trained, Quad
Malbec 2.5 2021-22 9 1103P 6x9 VSP
Cabernet Franc 0.8 2021-22 11 1103P 6x9 VSP
We look forward to introducing you to our vineyard - and sharing the wines it produces - in person - schedule a visit!  Until then, please enjoy a virtual tour:

Photogallery rendered here.

CSWA Certified Sustainable Farming